Cannabis, lemons, pine needles, hops, and pepper represent the diversity of terpenes found in various plants

Terpene Rich Cannabis

More than just cannabinoids

What are terpenes?

Third-Party Lab Tested Cannabis

To ensure potency and purity

Why Lab Testing Matters
Cannabis & Mindfulness Talk and Meditation with J. Stewart Dixon, hosted by Greener Things
Greener Things staff at the flagship showroom dispensary on Berkmar Drive

Local Ordering and Pickup Location

North C’ville

What is CBD?

Simple answer: 100% Natural Cannabis Extract

Information about cannabis can get overwhelming. Don’t worry. Greener Things will serve as a resource for you as you learn more about how cannabis can benefit you. We offer hemp in a wide variety of forms to suit any taste or lifestyle. We carry oils, edibles, topicals and more.

Read our FAQ for more information, or call us for a FREE consultation on how cannabis can improve your overall well-being!

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