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J Stewart Dixon Greener Things Oct 9 Event

Cannabis & Mindfulness: Talk and Meditation 
?  Monday, October 10
?  7pm - 9pm
?  Greener Things Downtown Mall, 407 E. Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Interested in adding cannabis to your spiritual journey? Join J. Stewart Dixon, author of the best-selling "Spirituality For Badasses," at Greener Things on Monday, 10/9/23, for a special talk and meditation centered around using cannabis as a tool for healing, personal growth and self-awareness.

Dixon's award-winning "Spirituality For Badasses" series offers an irreverent, humorous, and rebellious take on self-help and spirituality practices. "Part of my personality and nature, which never dissipated in adulthood, is my propensity toward rebelliousness, unconventional thinking and humor. Institutionalized spiritual or religious beliefs or systems never appealed to me," says Dixon. "So, my whole badass approach is about that."

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