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Lunchbox Alchemy “Relief” Gummies

Lunchbox Alchemy “Relief” Gummies




750 mg or 1500 mg bottles available.

The Daily 750 mg bottle comes with 30 CBD gummies containing 25mg of CBD per gummy.

The Daily 1500mg bottle comes with 30 double strength CBD gummies containing 50mg of CBD per gummy.

Relief has the all-natural, vegan ingredients of our signature CBD Daily gummy, but with the addition of ginseng, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Take 1 or 2 when you need it to work on your deepest aches and pains. Just like with everything, the sooner you can get ahead of inflammation and soreness the better, so, be sure to rest and have them on hand.

Lunchbox Alchemy gummies are vegan, lab tested, with nothing artificial and contain the highest-quality ingredients for superior flavor and texture.

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Relief 750 mg, Relief 1500 mg