Distillate Syringe 101

Distillate Syringe 101

Posted by Greener Things Staff on 8th Apr 2024

Have you ever wanted to infuse your THC or CBD flower to elevate the experience to the next level? Well, thanks to RIFT, we have a product that will help bring your dreams into reality without breaking the bank! Be sure to read the full article to see how you can save BIG on your first syringe!

What is a Dablicator or Distillate Syringe?

What's commonly known in the cannabis community as a "dablicator", distillate syringes are a unique way to preserve and consume a highly purified form of THC and CBD among other popularized variations like HHC, CBD, and Delta 8. It can come in many kinds of consistencies, but the RIFT Syringe is a very excellent way to swiftly infuse anything without a big clean up at the end! Here are a few ways that you can infuse your hemp products with the RIFT Syringe:

-Putting it directly into your tea, coffee, or meal!

-Injecting it directly into your mouth!

-Put it on your flower in a bowl, bong, or bubbler!

-Dab it with a dab rig and glass piece!

Why Use Distillate At All?

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, or just enjoy unwinding from a long day with a GT product, dablicators help prolong your sesh while simultaneously enhancing the flavor of your flower. it also increases the potency of your flower so you can watch your issues slowly, but surely, melt away with each sesh. Who wouldn't want that! 

Infusing Your Joints

For a quick and easy rotation with a delicious twist, try using the syringe to *quite literally* sprial around your joint! This technique will give you tons of flavor with each puff, but try it with a few different kinds of papers since your product might melt and coat the entire joint during your sesh! Trying this with concentrates works a bit better with this technique since the consistency is typically thicker than the syringe; but you'll never know unless you give it a try!

You can also just make a bit of a wax sandwich with your product and your flower before you roll your joint! You can watch an Instagram reel where we walk you through the process step by step here!

If you want to learn more joint rolling techniques taught by none other than our Store Manager Maurice, bring your friends and join us on 4/20 from 10am-5pm for our "Off the Block" Party! Click here for more details on our workshops, activities, and PRIZE GIVEAWAYS!


When you buy any 2 pre-rolls in-store, you get a dablicator FOR FREE! Hurry to our Berkmar Drive or Downtown Mall shops while supplies last!