DIY Joint Filters

Posted by Greener Things Staff on 8th Jan 2024

We've all been there. You're rolling a joint with your favorite strain and you forgot to grab filters to keep unwanted particles out of your clouds! Here are a few "tips" and tricks to making joint filters at home!

*Disclaimer: These are a few options based off of the materials used in technology created specifically for consuming cannabis. Please continue to seek out products that are constructed specifically for cannabis and consumption and stray away from any items with an excess amount of colored ink to avoid consuming harmful chemicals.

Why Use Filters?

Filters are typically made with cardboard or paper, and they are designed to create a smoother puff during your sesh as they reduce the amount of chemicals that you inhale. They also help keep your joint from falling apart! A good flow of smoke helps elevate your high giving you a longer experience! As you continue to consume cannabis with intention, we at Greener Things encourage you to seek out new and innovative ways to take care of your lungs!

Rotini Pasta

The perfect filter alternative is right in your kitchen! Rotini pasta is a great option due to it's spiral structure which naturally creates great air flow. Pasta is also incredibly sturdy, so you don't have to worry about your joint falling apart due to saliva sopping up your papers. If you're feeling crafty, save the pasta from your sesh and see if you can infuse your dinner! Anyone up for Italian tonight?

Blank Index Cards

If you're in the middle of studying for your college exams and are in dire need of a break, grab an index card & a rolling tray! Index cards are sturdy and can be folded in any sort of direction to create your desired pattern. Most individuals take a small rectangular portion of a card, fold it in a zig-zag pattern, and then wrap the excess material around itself. This creates a filter closest to what you will get at your local smoke shop!

Toilet Paper Roll

Similar to using index cards, toilet paper rolls are pretty durable and can withstand a rotation or two! They are made of cardboard and you can fold them up in whatever pattern you'd like. It can sometimes be a bit thicker than the index cards, so use at your discretion!