Greener Things Holiday Gift Guide

Greener Things Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Greener Things Staff on 13th Dec 2023

Here is your ultimate Greener Things Gift Guide for the upcoming holiday season! All vape cartridges, glass products, and flower can be purchased in-store only. Click directly on the product names to purchase online! Don't forget to check out our Daily Specials to see how you can save on your holiday shopping spree!

First Time Consumers

Do you have loved ones that are interested in trying CBD or cannabis? These gifts are sure to effortlessly ease them into the euphoric world of plant medicine!

Green Professionals

For your talented toker friends and family, we have some gifts that will continue to elevate their sesh. These options are great for those who frequently consume!

Pet Parents

Your pets deserve relaxation too! Here are some gift ideas for your loved ones who have fur babies at home!

Glass Enthusiasts

The coolest collectibles out there for those who want to consume with class! Courtesy of GRAV Premium Pipes & Bongs! 

  • GRAV Mini Classic Sherlock

  • GRAV Deco Beaker in Silicon

  • GRAV Mini Hammer Bubbler

Bud-Less Blazing

Here are a few gifts for grass lovers that would prefer to keep their heads out of the clouds!