Strain Review: Super Boof

Strain Review: Super Boof

Posted by Greener Things Staff on 10th Apr 2024

Initial Thoughts
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPER BOOF!

With a name like Super Boof, you would expect this flower to be “loud” with a funky aroma & potent effects. Sure enough, this flower did not disappoint! This sativa dominant hybrid will surely leave you feeling lifted like Superman!

Appearance & Texture

There were pretty chunky nugs with a very smooth yet tangy & pungent aroma. The nugs also had hints of orange peeking in between the gorgeous petals which is creates a stunning visual for the eye!


Super Boof is an amazing strain to enjoy right before you want to focus your attention on a task at hand! It made me feel extremely uplifted and present in the moment. I felt insanely creative and immediately jumped into my journal to write down ideas that I can return to later. Aside from the bud helping me focus, it also made me feel very giggly and silly! 


This strain is the perfect strain to grab and enjoy right before a fun activity like movie night or something more unique like a “Puff and Paint”! The euphoric effects will keep you locked in on a project so you can allow creativity to flow effortlessly and release any stressors that may have creeped in throughout the day.